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24 April 2014
Indonesia comprises over 17000 islands lying between the Indian and Pacific Oceans: it is the world's largest archipelago. Six thousand of these islands are inhabited. In area, Indonesia is the fifteenth biggest country in the world.

Indonesia is in the coral triangle, so called for the many different species of hard coral found here. Indeed the coral triangle holds 75% of all the world's species of coral.1. Here nutrient-rich currents from the Pacific and Indian oceans collide, providing planktonic food for corals, fish larvae and giant filter feeders like manta rays.

corals and clam in coral triangle

There are eight major islands and island groups in Indonesia. These are Sumatra and the Greater Sunda Islands, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi (Celebes), Irian Jaya, the Molluccas, the Lesser Sundas (Nusa Tengarra) and Bali.

This page covers diving centres outside Bali. The diving centres of Bali are on their own page.

Sulawesi Lembeh Straits Sumatra Kalimantan Gili Islands Lombok Komodo Alor Rote Island Maluku Tenggara Irian Jaya Bali Books to Take Your Comments and Recommendations

Dive the World Indonesia
Dive the World Indonesia

Dive The World offers dive resorts in Bali and Sulawesi – Wakatobi, Manado, Bunaken Island, Togian Islands and Gorontalo plus diving liveaboards to Komodo, Irian Jaya, Raja Ampat, Lembeh Strait, Bangka, Togeans, Alor, Banda Islands and Flores.

Dive The World Head Office
Song Roy Pee Centre
210/26 Ratuthid Road
Patong Beach
Phuket 83150
Tel: +66 (0)76 344736
Fax: +66 (0)76 344736

Indonesia > Sulawesi > Manado
Blue Bay Divers

Blue Bay Divers Indonesia is a dive base situated on the island of Sahaung in front of the north peak of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. A small resort with a long, white sandy beach, surrounded by palms and mangroves - it is situated in the middle of a number of good dive areas and the natural uniqueness of North Sulawesi. Sahaung is based in the Bangka/Gangga Archipel and offers a starting point for diving in the North Sulawesi areas : Bangka/Gangga Archipel, Bunaken National park and the famous Lembeh Strait.

Blue Bay Divers
P.O. Box 1465
Tel/SMS: + 62 81 340 286000

Indonesia > Sulawesi > Manado
Lumbalumba Diving

PO Box 1721
Manado 95017
North Sulawesi
Tel: 62 - 431 - 838 440 (Office)
Tel: 62 - 431 838 441 (Residence)
Cell Ph: 62 - 812 430 2974

Indonesia > Sulawesi > Manado
Janji Laut Resort

Janji Laut Resort
North Sulawesi

" We are 4 french divers and we just opened a resort for divers near Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. We are close to the world famous diving spot of Bunaken. We pick you up at the airport and bring you to our place where you will enjoy amazing divings, delicious international food, and good rest at our swimming pool in the tropical garden. Manado is just a little bit more than 3 hours from Singapore with frequent direct flights."
Gilles, 24 April 2014, Janji Laut Resort

Indonesia > Sulawesi > Bunaken
Siladen Resort & Spa

Siladen Resort & Spa
Siladen Island
Bunaken National Marine Park
North Sulawesi
Tel: +62-8114300641

Indonesia > Sulawesi > Togian Islands
Black Marlin Dive Centre

Rating: 5 stars

Black Marlin Dive Centre,
Togian Islands

"Professional and friendly staff in a breathtakingly beautiful setting."
Crispin, 2008

Critters @ Lembeh

Lembeh resort/Critters @ Lembeh
Lembeh Straits

" Would definitely dive with them again! Friendly but extremely professional. Fabulous for photographers. Very different diving as most of it is muck diving and we are more used to the reef and pelagic diving of South Africa, Red Sea, Maldives and other such Indian Ocean diving."
Jenni Slabbert (South Africa), 2012

Lembeh boasts the Hairy Shrimp as part of its assortment of hairy residents. Hairy shrimp (also called Algae shrimp) are one of the tiniest critters in the Strait (like really really tiny). They often move about resembling floating bits of algae in either brown, green, or yellow. The video shows a fascinating collection of “hairy shrimp” (Phycocaris simulans), many with eggs. Also keep an eye out for one scene with two of them in one frame. Enjoy!
Courtesy Critters @ Lembeh

Indonesia > Sulawesi > Lembeh

Lembeh Island
Tel: +6281340262850

" We are a small British run dive resort situated on Lembeh Island (Pulau Lembeh). We offer free housereef diving on packages, and have unlimited free Wifi and great international cuisine. We are the only operator in the area with on site photo professionals and can offer sales of various underwater photography equipment.
We also provide Nitrox."

Simon Buxton (NAD-Lembeh)

Indonesia > Sulawesi > Banka Island
Bangka Lagoon Resort and Dive

Bangka Lagoon on Banka Island
North Sulawesi

The island of Bangka is sparsely inhabited and doesn't have the facilities for large numbers of tourists, its ecosystem is almost fully intact. This ensures not only amazing natural scenery but also fairly good numbers of species that are in decline worldwide. The presence of Dugongs and large numbers of Dolphins year round indicates that fish stocks are still intact and this attracts seabirds by the flock.

" Bangka is a hidden jewel, a small resort just started last year but with potential and growth plans. Bangka Lagoon on Banka Island just north of Sulawesi and the well known dive areas of Lembeh and Bunaken. A special one week package all-in board and meals was 470 Euros with 12 dives."
John Suyker (Holland), 2011


Sumatra is the fifth largest island in the world. The monsoon season starts in November and ends in February. May to September are the best months to go.

Stenopus hispidus - banded boxer shrimp

Indonesia > Sumatra > Aceh
Lumbalumba Diving Centre

Gapang Beach
Pulau Weh
Aceh Sumatra
Tel: +62 652 3324133

Indonesia > Sumatra > Aceh
Rubiah Tirta Divers

Iboih Beach
Pulau Weh Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Tel: +62 652 3324555
Mobile: +62 815 34020050

"A very friendly, accepting and laid back atmosphere welcomes everyone to Rubiah Tirta Divers (RTD). With a well balanced mix of Indonesian and International staff, helpers, hangers-on, old friends and new customers. We have a PADI-Dive Course, Fun-Dive, Dive-Trip, etc. "
Owner, 2009


Java contains the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. It is the hub for flights to other parts of the country. Java lies right of Sumatra and East of Bali.

Indonesia > Java
Sea Pearl Dive Centre

Sea Pearl Dive Centre
Susilo 3 no 3
Jakarta 11450
Tel: (021) 563-8265, 5696-5834, 560-6074
Fax : (021) 567-3475


Kalimantan is the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo.

Indonesia > Kalimantan
Derawan Dive Lodge

Derawan Dive Lodge
RT III Kecamatan Pulau Derawan
East Kalimantan Indonesia
Tel: +62 431 824445 (24h)

Lesser Sunda Islands

The Lesser Sunda Islands includes Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), Flores, Sumba, West Timor, Alor, Komodo, Rote Island, the Gili Islands and Lombok.

Coral Reef

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Gili Islands
Blue Marlin

Rating: 5 stars

Gili Trawangan
Tel: 62-370-632424

"Amazing company, learned to dive on this tiny island, I would definitely dive with them again, hopefully soon."
Jenn Knoop, 2005

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Gili Islands

Gili Trawangan
Lombok, NTB 83352
Tel: +62 (0) 81 339 798 555

"Located a few minutes walk from the main dock on Gili Trawangan, Aquaddiction is a small dive shop with a great atmosphere. With the emphasis on small dive groups and long dives Aquaddiction is a welcome change from the 'factory' approach to diving so often found in Asia.
Our beachfront location is the perfect place to chill out between dives, study for courses and, of course, to hold our famous beach BBQ's!"

Danny Cooper (Aquaddiction), 2011

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Gili Islands
Oceans 5 Dive

Oceans 5 Dive
Harbour, Gili Air
Lombok, NTB
Tel: +6281338777144

"We are a Padi 5 star instructor development dive resort. Oceans 5 teacg also Reef Check and IAHD courses.
The diving is great, small group, excellent guides who show you all the fish you want to see! Professional team and dive centre. Diving: $38 a dive. Bungalows $55 a night."

Sander (Oceans 5), 2011

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Lombok
Lombok Marine Adventures

Rating: 5 stars

Tel: +62 (0)370-693268

"Ms. Moana Liveaboard, clean, luxury, great crew and fantastic boat, will return next year. USD 980, all included with more then 28 dives Top of my best places I ever been. "
Rudy, Netherlands, 2006

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Lombock
Divezone - Lombok

Established 2005 - dive Lombok and the Gili Islands.

Pearl Beach Resort
Sundancer Resort
Belongas Bay Lodge
Tel: +62 (0)81 339 544998

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Lombock
Tropic Islands Expedition

Provide diving safari and liveaboard for Lombok, Moyo, Komodo, Rinca, Flores, ALor, Wakatobi, Selayar, Taka Bonerate, Bira, Tanjungkarang, Sangalaki, Bunaken, Lembeh, Bandas and Raja Ampat Papua islands
Jl. Baracuda 10 BTN Green Valley Senggigi
Tel: +62 (0)370-692225
Fax: +62 (0)370-692225

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Komodo
Dive Komodo

Dive Komodo and Indonesia's remote eastern islands.
Mob. +62 8155701393
Ph/Fax. +62 361 TBA

"Two brothers run this show and it's amamzing. Talk about pristine or abudance of marine life...that's your ticket. Trying to plan another trip with them to Irian Jaya-Raja Empat. One of the best places I have dived. Mantas galore!! Lotsa small stuff too...simply amazing. "
Jeannee Irvine, USA, 2007

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Komodo
Archipelago Resorts and Fleet

Luxury liveaboards in the Banda Sea

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Komodo
Komodo Diving

Komodo Diving for special diving cruises and liveaboard cruises and include tours in Labuan, Bajo, and Flores and Komodo

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Komodo
Komodo Tours and Diving

" Please join us for Komodo Tours and Diving around Komodo National Park
We have so many dive sites around Komodo National Park."


Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Komodo
Flores Exotic Tours

Jalan Kakatua 8
Ngencung Ruteng 86511
East Nusa Tenggara
Tel: +62 385 270 50 22

" Komodo and Maumere Diving."
Owner, 2009.

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Komodo
Kanawa Island Diving


"We are PADI divecentre on a small island, called Kanawa, at the edge of Komodo marine park. The island has an amazing house reef to explore day and night. We offer a full range of PADI courses, daily trips into Komodo for 2 or 3 dives and have a small resort of 14 bungalows "
Ed Statham (Kanawa Island Diving), 2011.

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Alor
Alor Divers

Alor Divers
Jl Tenggiri N 1
Tel: + 62 81317804133

"Alor archipelago is one of Indonesian last frontiers. Alor and Pantar are the main Islands and the strait between the two is a world class dive attraction. Alor Divers is situated on Pantar Island in north part of Pantar strait.
The dive sites are within 5 to 30 min speed boat from the resort. Underwater richness offers to admire a palette of virgin coral slopes, walls, scenic rock formations and pinnacles. The house reef extends several hundred meters and is a drop off, alternating between steep slope and vertical wall, with generous growth and excellent fish life.
Alor is a place for incredible surprises! Sunfish, thresher shark, whales, marlin have been seen many times. Napoleons, giant trevally, reef shark, turtles, barracudas, eagle and devil rays, giant grouper, huge dogtooth tuna and more are usually encountered. The colourful slopes are home of mandarin fish, frog fish, blue ribbon eel, leaf fish, harlequin ghost pipe fish, pygmy sea horse and more.
Our intimate resort is situated on a 400 m long white sandy beach. In a stretched layout, all of the bungalows as well as the restaurant are right on the seafront. The thatched roofed bungalows are built in the traditional architectural style. Interior equipment and décor are designed with simplicity to enhance the pristine spirit of the place. There is a private bathroom with western style toilet and shower (hot and cold running water)."

Gilles of Alor Divers, 2009.

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Alor
Dive Alor

Dive Alor,
Jl. Eltari No.19,
Kupang, NTT,

"Alor diving with Dive Alor is the best diving I have done in my 20 years of world diving. Donovan and Graeme Whitford of Dive Alor have been diving there for the past 16 years and done 4,000 dives in the Alor Islands alone. These guys really know the sites because they are the origional founders of the diving in Alor.
Pelangi Indah Hotel is clean and comfortable with a garden setting. Boat is large with 14 diver capacity, large dry area, sun deck, twin engines, freshwater showers.
Don't miss out on the diving holiday of a lifetime. Dive Alor TODAY."

Frank Masters 2007

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Alor

Jalan Gatot Subroto No. 33
85811 Kalabahi - Alor - NTT
Tel: +62 (0)386 2222663
Handy/SMS: +62 (0)81 339 648148

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Alor
Eco Divers

eco divers
Kima bajo resort
and Bitung city in Lembeh

"excellent dive center, great service and choice for dive spots. "
Ahmad Mulla (Kuwait), 2010

Indonesia > Lesser Sunda Islands > Rote Island
Anugerah Surf

Anugerah Surf
Rote Island

"This is a new dive resort on the most southern island of Indonesia with many new dive sites and still many to explore and find. It's a small dive shop at the moment, we can handle 4 guests on a dive trip. A dive trip costs around 100$ depends to which divesite we go to. The resort has rooms starting from 30$ per night with all meals included. The diving is about the same as in Bali and much better then the Gilis or Thailand. "
Mike, 2014, Owner of Anugerah Surf

Maluku Tenggara

Maluku Tenggara are islands in the Maluku Province in the east of Indonesia by the Banda sea.
Indonesia > Maluku Tenggara > Kei Islands
Kei Divers

Opening Autumn 2014.

"I have a guesthouse on the Kei Islands in Maluku Tenggara , east Indonesia. It is close to Papua (Irian Jaya) with a small dive center. It is an unexplored area and is opening up for tourism, the diving is really good. I call it the last frontier. End of this year we like to open up. "
Ron Sierveld, 2014, Owner of Kei Divers

Irian Jaya

Irian Jaya is the Western half of the island of New Guinea (Papua New Guinea being the Eastern half).

Frog fish

Indonesia > Papua / Irian Jaya
Irian Diving

Indonesia > Papua / Irian Jaya
Kali Lemon Resort, Nabire Whale Shark Expedition

Rating: 4 stars

Kali Lemon Resort
Kusuma Bangsa Street #11
In Kwatisore Village
Papua, Indonesia
Tel: +62-984-24066
Mob: +62 81392117215 and +6281354136010

"Kali Lemon Resort is located in Cenderawasih Bay (Teluk Cenderawasih or Bird of Paradise Bay), a large bay in northern Province of Papua the west side was made a National Park in 2002"

"I would be happy to dive there again. Only here we can find Whale shark all the season.
It is better to visit this place at dark moon because all the bagan get small fish and whale shark eat small fish ( puri ). The location of the bagan ( a place for collection fish, fisherman life and stay there) moves from one coordinate to another . Boat accommodation was include our payment, except local hotel in Nabire where we stayed on arrival ( the plane landed afternoon) before going to the national park the next day, cost around 30-40 USD. "

Jupiter Weku, 2013

Books to Take

Diving Southeast Asia
by Beth and Shaun Tierney, 336 pages, 2009
From the authors of Diving the World, a new dive guide covering 400 popular sites in Southeast Asia. From the pristine, isolated reefs of Indonesia's Spice Islands to the lively marine and land environments in The Philippines' Puerto Galera. It also features helpful listings of where to stay, eat and drink and who to dive with.
29% off from
Coral Reef Fishes Coral Reef Fishes, Indo-Pacific and Caribbean
by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers, Harper Collins, 400 Pages, Paperback
An excellent, comprehensive guide to reef fishes, which is small and light enough to pack regardless of amount of diving equipment. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to identify the fish they see whilst diving the tropics.
Read the full review...
Buy from, 20% off
Buy from, 20% off
Water proof Fish Species Guide to reef fish of the Indonesia
Fish species guides to be taken in the water.
Buy from
Journey Under the Sea
by Linda Pitkin, Oxford University Press, 48 pages, Paperback
A photographic journey through underwater Indonesia.
Buy from
or, with 30% off, from

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Photo credits: Tim Nicholson, David Collins.